Divorce is never an easy thing to experience. A new beginning, however, can be a freeing experience and an opportunity to reclaim your independence. Being well organized during this time is quintessential to a smooth transition. If you are not prepared, law suits, family disputes and other drama can interfere with the process of moving on. Here are 5 things to do before filing for divorce.

Change Your 401k and Life Insurance Beneficiaries

If something happens to you, you probably don’t want your ex-spouse to benefit from your estate. Removing your spouse as a beneficiary is a good step to take for safety reasons as well. This is particularly important for 401k and life insurance policies as those fall outside of your will. Those accounts will always pay-out to the named beneficiary on the policy, even if your will states otherwise. Thus, you should consider making this change as soon as possible.

Close Joint Credit Accounts

This one is tricky because you may still be paying certain debts off. If possible, try to eliminate as many joint credit accounts as you can. If there is a single owner of the debt, there is much more control over bill payments, consolidation and, if necessary, deferment. Martino Law group can help you understand your options and assist you in making the right decision when it comes to these types of issues.

Make A Copy Of Important Documents

Making sure all important documents pertinent to you are in your custody will save you time, effort and stress later. In contentious divorces, you may also thwarts any attempts to hide or destroy relevant documents. Birth certificates, social security cards, passports and even titles to property are all things that should be collected or copied. Having the original is ideal, but retaining a copy can help in certain cases.

Understand Your Finances

It’s very common in most marriages for one spouse to manage the finances. If that was not your role in the relationship, then it’s important to seek guidance to enhance your financial literacy. Division of property and finances can be overwhelming, so understanding the basics of how you will be affected will help you plan ahead.

The Final Of 5 Things To Do Before Filing For Divorce,… Prepare An Exit Strategy

Divorce is hard on both parties involved, so the last thing you want is the feeling of being trapped in this process. A way to mitigate a situation like this is to make it as fair and civil as possible. Have emotional support ready, a living situation mapped out, your finances straight and be organized enough to deal with more. While it may be one of the most trying times in your life, having the right support can help you through it. Reach out to our team for legal assistance through this journey.