We cover a lot of divorce topics in our blogs, but we thought we’d take a slightly different approach for this one. Instead of dealing with just the aftermath of divorce, are there certain things that might help you avoid it altogether? During the early dating stage of a relationship, can you avoid divorce by asking the right questions before marriage? There’s no way to really know, but we can certainly try! Here are some questions you might consider asking on one of your first dates.

How would you describe your communication skills?

Communication is a major issue in many marriages,… and in the way that many divorces play out. Sometimes two people simply have different communication styles, or communication may simply break down altogether. As you evaluate how compatible your personalities may be, don’t forget to include communication!

When was the last time you apologized to someone, and for what reason?

The ability to take responsibility for one’s mistakes can really influence how future issues in a relationship are resolved. Does your date easily admit mistakes and ask for forgiveness, or is he/she more of the stubborn type who stand his/her ground no matter what? This could provide some helpful insight into future dynamics of your relationship.

What do you love most about your life?

We all have different goals in life and ways to find happiness. Understanding how your date views happiness will give you some helpful information into what he/she values. You can then compare this to your own values. Is it travel, quality time with family, quiet reflection, or an active lifestyle that brings joy?

Why did your last relationship end?

This question may seem a bit forward and nosy, but it’s important. Let’s be clear,… you’re not looking for juicy details here. What you should focus on is the angle of your date’s answer. Does he/she present the information in an objective manner? Where does he/she lay the blame or accept some personal blame? Does your date speak of the ex in a respectful manner or completely drag the ex through the mud? Does your date provide a general overview or excessive detail (this can hint as to whether your date is more of a private person or the type to publicize dirt publicly to anyone who will listen)?

Can You Avoid Divorce by Asking the Right Questions Before Marriage

We’re not psychologists or relationship experts, by any means. However, we do believe that asking the right questions before marriage can help you better understand how you and your significant other might handle future relationship issues that arise. You might catch some red flags in the way a date answers certain questions or realize that you might not be a good match. Alternatively, you might also realize that you’re a great match for one another. These questions are meant to be a fun suggestion in what can be a dark and difficult topic of divorce. And if these questions somehow help you avoid a future divorce, then we’ve done some good here!