It’s tough enduring the cold winter months in Massachusetts, especially this year with the added stress of COVID precautions and social distancing. It’s also a time of year when certain types of accidents are more prevalent. Here are some common winter accidents and personal injury cases.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents definitely increase at this time of year. Slippery roads, low visibility, and vehicles ill-prepared for the weather can lead to a dangerous situation. There are also accidents involving plow trucks and other service vehicles. It’s hazardous for both drivers and pedestrians alike. Although the weather is a contributing factor, there’s typically also some personal negligence involved. Drivers being distracted, using inappropriate speeds given driving conditions, or being under the influence can make a risky situation much worse. If you’re involved in an accident, it’s important to hire an attorney to fully investigate the circumstances and obtain proper compensation for your injuries. Slip & Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are among the most common winter accidents. For these, it’s important to evaluate whether proper precautions were taken to minimize dangers. Whether at a residence or commercial site, property owners have a responsibility to maintain safety. This includes removing snow in a timely manner and salting/sanding walkways as appropriate. Even with these steps taken, accidents can occur. Fortunately, personal injury protection is included in property insurance policies. Always consult with an attorney before responding to settlement offers from insurance companies and other parties. No matter how minor or severe the injuries, insurance companies are known for taking advantage of unrepresented parties and submitting unfair offers.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

With everyone being indoors and heating systems operating around the clock, there’s an increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Some are innocent mistakes such as snow drifts blocking heating system vent pipes. However, there’s also the possibility of negligence such as mistakes made by heating system service companies. Sadly, many of these incidents are deadly. To determine whether a wrongful death case is appropriate, consult with experts to investigate the cause of the accident.

Legal Assistance for Common Winter Accidents and Personal Injury Cases

Although no amount of compensation is sufficient for traumatic injuries and the loss of loved ones, they can alleviate the burden of medical expenses and ensure proper care. Personal injury cases also play an important role in making people/businesses accountable for negligence and improving future safety protocols. If you or a family member experiences winter accidents and would like to discuss your personal injury case, please contact our team for assistance.