Personal injury cases can be extremely stressful. In addition to recovering from your injuries, you face mounting medical bills and the uncertainty of whether you will receive proper compensation. The success of any personal injury case rides on the quality of your attorney. Below are several considerations for finding a good personal injury attorney in Massachusetts.

1 – Level of Customer Service

Customer service is extremely important when it comes to personal injury cases. With so much riding on your case, having a personal injury attorney in Massachusetts who is understanding and responsive to your needs will help alleviate your stress. Consider the level of service provided by the attorney and his/her staff. Are they responsive to your calls and/or emails? Do they keep you informed throughout the process? Are they compassionate and caring? These are things that you might not think of in advance but that become extremely important the further along you get in your case.

2 – Technical Knowledge

Personal injury cases can be very technical in nature. Beyond complex medical topics, it might also involve other technologies. For instance, a workplace accident may be related to certain machinery or software that runs that machinery. An auto accident could bring into question manufacturer negligence in vehicle design or materials. Injuries related to commercial buildings might involve questions surrounding building architecture, construction and/or equipment. Personal injury attorney in Massachusetts with experience in certain types of accidents may be better suited to understanding the technical aspects of a case and leveraging it to your advantage.

3 – Trial Experience

Some cases are settled outside of court and others are won at trial. It’s difficult to predict what may happen. Be sure to select a personal injury attorney in Massachusetts with trial experience. This way, if your case does go to trial, your attorney will have the expertise to properly handle your case and promote your best interests.

4 – Industry Expertise

Case subject matter goes beyond understanding technical information and having trial experience. When you are dealing with defendants and insurance companies, it can be helpful to have an attorney that understands how the other side works. John Martino at Martino Law Group was an insurance defense attorney for over 10 years. Having worked for insurance companies, he understands how insurance companies evaluate cases and can leverage that to get the most money for his clients.

Assistance from an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Massachusetts

Contact us today to schedule a consultation on your personal injury case. With technical knowledge, trial experience, industry expertise, and a focus on customer service, we help alleviate the stress and burden of your personal injury case.