Driver accounts from traffic accidents can often conflict with one another. Naturally, each party wants to avoid blame or they simply see the accident from their own perspective. Gathering evidence for traffic accidents from outside sources can help determine who is at fault. There are several different sources for such information. Here are a few.

1 – Security Cameras

Unless you or other drivers in the accident had a dash camera, it can be difficult finding videos of an accident. Some possible sources include traffic cameras or security cameras from local businesses. Even if you can’t find footage of the exact moment of an accident, other footage can be helpful too. For instance, if the other driver was driving dangerously, you might be able to prove this with footage from other areas traveled before the accident.

2 – Cell Phone Data

Distracted driving is a major cause of accidents in this country. Many states have enacted hands-free driving laws for this very reason. Proving that someone was actively using their phone at the time of an accident requires data either from their phone or from cell towers.

3 – Eye Witness Accounts

There can be many unidentified witnesses to an accident. Most people see an accident but don’t necessarily stick around to provide their account. They don’t realize the importance of what they saw. Tracking such witnesses down requires some creativity. The first place to check is with people that work in businesses in the immediate area. It can also be helpful to return around the same time on the following days to talk to folks that frequent the area.

Other Sources and Ways of Gathering Evidence for Traffic Accidents

Above are just a few of the most common ways of gathering evidence for traffic accidents. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident, there may be other possible sources of information. If a local event was taking place with lots of people and their cell phones, reaching out via social media or through event organizers can help track down footage from attendees. If weather played an important role in the accident, data from the national weather service can be helpful. The possibilities are endless and can require some creative thinking to track down.

As you can imagine, this can be difficult to do on your own. This is why it’s important to work with an attorney. One of their many responsibilities is to hire experts and obtain subpoenas or other legal authority to obtain information from third parties. This is particularly important in cases involving serious injuries and for which you might face criminal charges if unable to prove you were not at fault. The best way to protect your rights in a serious personal injury or auto accident case is to secure legal representation. To schedule a consultation with one of our Massachusetts personal injury and auto accident attorneys, contact us today.