Construction sites are among the busiest and most dangerous places. With so many moving pieces for materials and workers from different companies, accidents can be quite common. It begs the question, who is responsible for construction site accidents? Understanding liability for construction site accidents is important for everyone involved, including contractors and injured parties.

Construction Site Safety

Construction often involves many different parties. First, there’s the general contractor who is hired to manage the project. That general contractor may have employees of their own but also hire subcontractors to complete certain aspects of the build such as electrical and plumbing work. In addition to workers, suppliers, building inspectors, and customers may be on-site at different times.

General contractors carry the primary responsibility for construction site safety. They set the rules for how the site operates, safety precautions to observe, and how the individual parties should interact with each other. Precautions taken may include:

  • General rules and procedures that everyone must follow
  • Caution signs
  • Fencing around the site
  • Hard hat requirements
  • Measures for securing materials at different stages of construction
  • Procedures for storing tools and equipment
  • Routine safety checks
  • Hazardous waste processing
  • Fall protection measures for both people and materials

Liability for Construction Site Accidents

Ultimately, general contractors carry liability for construction site accidents, whether they occur by mere accident or as a result of negligence. Construction companies in Massachusetts are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover on-the-job injuries. They should also carry other types of insurance to cover visitors, damage to property, etc.

In cases where negligence is a factor, injured parties may seek additional damages. For instance, if a general contractor fails to take necessary precautions (as listed above) or knowingly neglected safety concerns, injured parties may seek punitive damages. The types of damages depend on the specific circumstances surrounding the case.

Legal Help with Construction Site Personal Injury Cases

If you suffer a personal injury at a construction site, be sure to seek legal counsel. Gathering evidence in such cases can be complex yet critical to the amount of compensation that you receive for your injuries. Your attorney will need to act quickly to preserve evidence. Hiring someone with a strong understanding of personal injury cases is also critical. Contact our team for additional information on liability for construction site accidents or other personal injury cases.