Personal injury cases typically involve damages such as pain/suffering and medical expenses. When  lifelong injuries are the result of an accident, it can be difficult to quantify those two things, as they continue beyond the time at which a trial may take place. Supplementary information, such as life care plans, may be needed. Below is a look at life care plans for serious personal injury cases in MA.

What Are Life Care Plans

Life care plans are essentially an estimate of future health care needs for injuries sustained in an accident. It is normally performed by a health care professional with knowledge of similar injuries and treatment protocols. Doctors and rehabilitation specialists are commonly tasked with this responsibility.

When completing a life care plan, past medical history (both before and immediately following an accident) and future medical needs are both taken into account. Future needs may include:

  • Ongoing Care
  • Medications
  • Future Surgeries
  • Potential Complications
  • Medical Devices & Equipment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pain & Recovery Process

Use of Life Care Plans for Serious Personal Injury Cases in MA

Life care plans offer significant value in personal injury cases. First, it provides an actual dollar figure for what may be a lifetime of medical treatments. Secondly, it highlights the scope and severity of injuries. It is one thing to hear that someone was injured and may need future care. It’s another thing to see a detailed list of potential future surgeries and what each may entail, to learn about the recovery process for each, and to realize how much-continued pain someone may go through as a result. It provides insight into the extent of the pain and suffering. For all of these reasons, life care plans for serious personal injury cases can play a big role in receiving fair compensation.

Legal Assistance with Your Personal Injury Cases

If you or a family member has been injured in an accident and believe another party to be at fault, contact our legal team to schedule a consultation. Whether it be through the use of life care plans or other approaches, our goal is to maximize damages awarded for your personal injuries so that you can focus on recovery rather than how to pay your medical bills.