It’s winter and it’s cold, but that doesn’t stop your home buying efforts. There are pros and cons to searching for and buying a home during the winter months. Here are a few MA winter home buying challenges and tips to keep in mind.

Home Inspection Limitations

There are some limitations when purchasing a home during the winter months. For example, home irrigation and central air conditioning systems can not operated/testing during your inspection. Turning on an AC unit in frigid temperatures will cause damage to the system. Although sellers can tell you whether the system was operational for them this past summer, there’s no guarantee that issues won’t arise when you go to use it next summer. Damage can occur over the winter months during your ownership time frame but before you go to use the system for the first time. Because of this, a seller is unlikely to agree to any type of guarantee when it comes to the air conditioning. If you are concerned about this, a third party home warranty plan may offer some peace of mind.

Landscaping and Lawn Visibility

Another difficult thing to assess during winter home buying is the condition of the lawn and landscaping. It is most likely covered in a layer of snow! Some sellers will have pictures from the summer or fall, which can be a huge help. Be sure to ask whether they are recent photos rather than ones from several years past. Additionally, keep in mind that landscaping requires work to maintain. You will need to put in your own time and energy to ensure that the yard continues to look as beautiful as the pictures you are seeing.

Curb Appeal

It can be difficult to appreciate the true curb appeal and the many features of a home during the winter months. The ground is covered, the snow may look dirty, the trees are bare, etc. It takes some effort to look past all of this when evaluating homes for sale. The good news is, this is probably the worst that the home will look. It can only get better from here!

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As you can see, there are a few MA winter home buying challenges that you may face. The key is to gather as much information as possible and keep an open mind so that you can make educated decisions about buying a home during the winter months.