Divorce is a serious step in a relationship. It comes with many complications that permanently change the lives of families. Before you pursue a divorce, consider these pre-divorce tips for Massachusetts couples.

1. Make Sure There’s No Chance for Reconciliation

You should only look into a divorce if you are absolutely positive that your marriage is over. Talk of divorce could ruin any chance of reconciliation. Divorce should be a last resort. Once you decide, don’t jump to file for divorce either. Look into the divorce options and understand their differences.

2. Try Marriage Counseling

Many couples end up in divorce without any formal attempt to save their marriage. It can be difficult for two people to communicate effectively, especially when so many emotions are involved. This is why it’s important to seek the assistance of a professional. Given how difficult and permanent divorce is, couples should give counseling a try before giving up on a marriage. Additionally, jumping into a divorce without having tried counseling may leave a lot of unreconciled emotions, which can hinder your ability to obtain closure and move on.

3. Consult with an Attorney

Every marriage is unique. If you have concerns about assets, child custody, etc., it can be helpful to speak with a Massachusetts divorce attorney. Your attorney can advise you on how to best protect your interest both pre-, during, and after divorce. Don’t wait until you are in the thralls of divorce to learn that you’ve made a critical mistake.

4. Put the Kids First

One of the most important pre-divorce tips for Massachusetts couples that we can offer is to put the kids first. Divorce is difficult on you and your spouse, but it is even more difficult on your children. Most lack the maturity to truly understand what is going on. It will be an extremely confusing time for them. A contentious divorce will make it that much harder on your children. Put your kids first! Put aside your petty differences and try to do what is best for your kids. You may quickly bounce back from a divorce but it will have a long-lasting impact on your children.

5. Organize Your Finances

Another pre-divorce tips for Massachusetts couples is to organize your finances. Finances are one of the most important aspects of divorce. They can be used to determine division of assets, alimony, child support, and the like. If you appear to be heading down the divorce path, start gathering paperwork on all of your assets and debts. This includes those that belong to just you, just your spouse, and jointly. If you do not normally handle the finances in your marriage, it is even more important for you to understand the marital finances.

More Pre-divorce Tips for Massachusetts Couples

These are just a few pre-divorce tips for Massachusetts couples. If you would like to discuss a potential divorce, please contact Martino Law Group. We can help you with pre-divorce planning and to navigate divorce proceedings. Call us at 781-531-8673.