As a home seller in the state of Massachusetts, you have the option to hire an attorney to assist with the legal aspects of your home sale. Although hiring an attorney is optional, there are many benefits of doing so. Here’s a look at 3 important seller’s attorney services in Massachusetts real estate transactions.

1. P&S Preparation & Review

It is the seller’s responsibility to draft the Purchase & Sales agreement. Although your real estate agent has access to standard Purchase & Sale forms, they are unable to provide you with any advice on the terms of that agreement. Seller’s attorney services in Massachusetts include preparation of thePurchase & Sale, addition of language to protect a seller’s interests, and negotiation with the buyer’s attorney. There may be addenda to the P&S agreement or other supplementary contacts (such as that for use and occupancy) needed as well. Seller’s attorneys will review and advise sellers on all legal matters related to the home sale.

2. Preparing Closing Information

Before closing, certain information must be obtained and submitted to the closing attorney. This includes your personal information, mortgage payoff statements, and a deed. Your attorney will assist with gathering and submitting that information. Additionally, he/she will also prepare the deed that transfers ownership from you to the buyers.

3. Signing Closing Documents on Your Behalf

Seller’s attorney services in Massachusetts real estate transactions includes attending the closing on a seller’s behalf. Seller’s attorneys will review all paperwork and settlement figures, sign closing documents, and verify that the closing is on record. Sellers need not attend the closing if their attorney is in attendance. They merely need to sign the deed in advance (as that cannot be signed by an attorney). This can be helpful for sellers who are located out-of-state, are unable to take time off of work, or are busy completing a move.

Importance of Seller’s Attorney Services in Massachusetts

Although this may seem like a short list of services, the size of the list does not reflect its importance. The terms within a purchase and sales agreement, for instance, are critical. When a deal goes smoothly, this isn’t obvious. However, anyone who has had issues with a home sale will tell you how essential the wording in the P&S is to their options and legal recourse. Gathering information for the closing can ensure a smooth and on-time closing. Lastly, reviewing and signing documents on your behalf can help protect your interests (and save you valuable time) in the last step of the process.