Real estate agents are licensed by the state of Massachusetts and are bound by certain laws and rules. When working with an agent for your home sale or home purchase, it’s important to understand the scope of services provided. In many cases, agents will refer you to other professionals at different points during the real estate process. This is not because they lack a desire to assist you but simply because their license to practice real estate prohibits them from doing so. Here are a list of services real estate agents cannot provide.

Home Inspections Services

Real estate agents may  know a lot about a homes because of their extensive experience in helping people buy and sell them. However, this does not make them qualified to provide home inspection services. Agents are not trained or licensed to be home inspectors. They will, therefore, refer you to licensed home inspectors to perform this service. Even if a particular real estate agent were licensed as a home inspector, it would be a conflict of interest for them to assist you in both capacities.

Legal Services

Agents are not attorneys, so the legal services are among the services real estate agents cannot provide. The most they may do when it comes to real estate contracts is to help you fill in pre-set fields within the forms. They are prohibited from crafting new language or providing you with any legal advice on the terms of a contract and/or whether you should sign it. Thus, your agent will recommend that you hire a Massachusetts real estate attorney.

Other Services Real Estate Agents Cannot Provide in Massachusetts

Your real estate agent will provide you with essential advice and guidance on the marketing of your home for sale or the purchase of a new home. This includes assisting with showings, providing pricing information, negotiating price and terms, negotiating inspection results, coordinating with lenders, and assisting with key procedural steps in the real estate process. Since their services are so comprehensive, it’s easy to forget that there are certain services real estate agents cannot provide. Fortunately, you will have the option to select from local qualified professionals so assist with those matters. By working together, real estate agents and other professionals (such as inspectors and attorneys) help you through what is often a complex process.