Remaining organized can help keep the home buying process less complicated. With all the things that you have to do, you can easily forget some important tasks. The task list for home buyers before closing below lists tasks you should not forget.

Notify Others of New Address

To stop mail from getting lost, remember to change your address and have mail forwarded. Mail forwarding is completed with the US Postal Service either on their website or at their local branch. It is offered as a transitional solution and therefore stays in place for a limited timeframe. You should contact each of the contacts in your list and notify them of your new address. Do not forget creditors, service companies, employment companies, and of course family.

Change Vehicle Insurance

Call your insurance provider to let them know about your new address. Your premium could go up or down based on the location. If you are moving from one state to another, you will also need to apply for car registrations and obtain a state-issued license. Many provide reciprocity so you may not need to complete a test.

Register Kids for School

If you have school-aged kids, call school administrative offices to learn what documentation you will need for new students. You ordinarily must obtain documentation from the old school. You may also need copies of medical records and verification of residency. Also, most schools require in-person enrollment.

Contact Utility Services

Long before closing, contact utility providers to end existing accounts and begin new services. Do not forget electricity, oil or gas, cable, and phone services. Many utility companies simply perform a meter reading when changing from one customer to another. But, if you forget to start service beforehand, then it could be physically turned off and require a charge for restarting. It is therefore important to notify them early to avoid service interruption and added costs.

Additional Task List For Home Buyers Before Closing

The above task list for home buyers before closing include only some basic tasks to remember prior to completing a home closing. There may be other to address depending on your specific situation. For instance, if you own a business, you must register your trade name. For help with your property purchase, contact John Martino at Martino Law Group.