There are certain things that you should do immediately after motor vehicle accidents to preserve yourself. Being aware of these things in advance will help when in an accident. Below is an overview of what to do if involved in motor vehicle accidents in MA.

What To Do If Involved In Motor Vehicle Accidents In MA

1. Gather Information

Get as much information as possible on the motor vehicles involved including license plate numbers. Be sure to request names, license numbers, addresses, and phone numbers for all parties. If you have a smart phone, take photos of the location.

2. Call Police

If necessary, contact local police. Once they arrive, give an account of the accident. It is useful to provide this information while the facts remain fresh in your memory. Ask whether a police report will be filed so that you can obtain a copy.

3. Seek Medical Attention

If you are injured, get medical attention as soon as possible. In many cases the emotional impact of an accident can make it difficult to recognize the physical pain. Especially in a major accident, it is best to get evaluated as a precaution.

4. Notify Insurance Company

Promptly notify your insurance company about the accident. They will ask you to submit an accident report and provide details on the other parties involved. They will also provide you with information on what to do next for getting your car fixed.

5. Keep Good Records

Make sure that you make copies of everything related to the accident. This includes contact information of the parties, photographs, accident reports, police reports, and medical paperwork. Also write down relevant dates and times (i.e. when you received treatment for personal injuries or days you missed work).

6. Seek Legal Guidance

Contact a lawyer to determine your legal rights. All motor vehicle accidents in MA are governed by statutes of limitation. Most lawyers offer an initial consultation for free, so there is no risk to obtaining this done as soon as possible.

Using Attorneys for MA Motor Vehicle Accidents

Your legal rights must be protected after motor vehicle accidents. This is particularly important in major accidents with personal injuries. Whether you are a victim or potentially at fault, a knowledgeable MA personal injury lawyer can answer your questions and furnish valuable advice. The above information on what to do if involved in motor vehicle accidents in MA is merely an overview and must not be construed as legal advice.