Rarely are auto accident cases as clear-cut as we might think or hope. Liability determines who is responsible for damages. So, a lot of time and energy can be spent on this one question in any auto accident case. Here are a few reasons why liability for auto accidents isn’t always clear or easy to identify.

1 – Multiple Contributing Factors

The fact is, most accidents have more than one contributing factor. For instance, if one car rear-ends another, you might think the rear car is clearly at fault. However, what if the car in front stopped too quickly or abruptly? Could there be other factors that would make both vehicles partially at fault? Most insurance companies will tell you that even with a rear-end collision, both drivers are considered partially liable although maybe not in equal proportions.

2 – Need for Supporting Evidence

We’ve all heard the saying that there are two sides to every story. This is painfully true when it comes to auto accidents. Each party to an accident will undoubtedly provide different facts. Information may be distorted or exaggerated, sometimes intentionally and other times unintentionally. So, how can you objectively determine which account is more accurate? It may come down to the supporting evidence. Unfortunately, that isn’t always available. As in #1 above, this can lead to both parties being assigned some liability for an accident.

3 – Presentation Skills

The approach and litigation skills of the attorneys for each party can also play a role in liability for auto accidents. How information is presented and supported is just as important as the facts themselves. Having good facts does little good if a jury can’t clearly see how they come together to support your case. This is particularly true of complex evidence by expert witnesses.

More on Why Liability for Auto Accidents Isn’t Always Clear

Everything in a court case is open to interpretation. This is why two expert witnesses can have conflicting opinions and why multiple witnesses to the same accident can report different things. Given the role that liability plays in personal injury and auto accident cases, it’s critical that you hire an experienced attorney to assist with your case. Contact our team of Massachusetts personal injury attorneys to discuss how to best protect your interests and reduce your potential liability for an auto accident.