A pending divorce is obviously a stressful event in your life. You may be wondering what you should do and where to begin. Here are divorce preparation tips for MA.

1. Find an Attorney

It is important to receive support from an attorney. Look for one specializing in family law and divorce. Find a local MA attorney who you can speak with in-person and who understands the local laws. Lastly, you should select someone with an approach that you are comfortable with and who understands your challenges.

2. Document Assets

Make a list of all personal assets and locate any documentation that you have on each. For anything that you may have possessed before the marriage, look for paperwork dated prior to your wedding. For other items, provide evidence demonstrating when it was acquired and what funds were used. Appraisals can be required for expensive items (i.e. jewelry, real estate, vehicles).

3. Outline Debts

You might think that each spouse should be responsible for debts that he or she had before the marriage. You and your spouse can certainly agree to such an arrangement. However, debts may be assigned based on the financial strength of each party. Thus, it considers earning ability. Track down current statements on each account with figures on the balance owed and minimum payments.

4. Protecting Financial Assets During Divorce

In disagreeble divorces, there may be some risks such as a spouse withdrawing all funds from joint accounts or not paying debts on schedule. Do not take this approach yourself or go on a spending spree. To protect yourself, you may decide to withdraw half the funds from joint accounts and place it into one with just your name. Be aware that this does not guarantee that you will be awarded that portion of the marital assets. It simply prevents the other person from depleting that money until the divorce is settled. Credit cards are also important. Failure to pay debts during or after divorce will increase expenses, reduce your credit rating, and ultimately alter future options. Ensure that debts are paid on time. Lastly, document all transactions.

5. Other Actions and Activity

You may want to move out of your home, express your grievances to friends and acquaintances, and enjoy your new found freedom. This can do more damage than good. First, if you have any desire in residing at the home that you own with your spouse, it is best to continue staying there instead of relinquishing physical possession. Secondly, your behavior will be carefully monitored by the other party. Try not to send malicious statements about the other person on FaceBook or in emails. Dating is also not advised. In summary, avoid any behavior that might bring your character into question or work against you in court.

Divorce Preparation Tips For MA

Think about these divorce preparation tips for MA prior to beginning a divorce. These are merely general suggestions. A knowledgeable attorney will advise you on what steps to take to best prepare and protect your rights based on your particular situation. Contact Martino Law Group for information on divorces in MA.