As you get ready to move, it is easy to miss some last minute items. Remember the MA home seller pre-closing tasks below.

Call Utility Companies

Contact your utility companies to schedule termination of service. Many require prior notice for cancellation. For utilities such as gas, a service person may need to physically check the meter prior to sending a final bill. Other services, such as cable, might need you to send back their hardware. You may not know those details until you contact them, so try not to delay until closing day to do so.

Call Your Mortgage Company

If property taxes are part of your monthly payment, this means that your lender keeps an escrow account to track the money. When the tax bill is issued, the money is disbursed from that escrow account. If your closing may take place around the same date as the payment due date, you can tell your mortgage company not to pay that bill. The closing attorney will likely need to address the same bill, which will lead to a duplicate payment. Check with the closing attorney before the closing. It may be a drawn out process to get that money back or you may not notice the mistake at all. Normally, any money remaining in escrow is returned after the mortgage company receive the payoff.

Complete USPS Paperwork To Forward Mail

You can submit paperwork for mail forwarding with the postal service ahead of time. This may be completed at one of their locations or online. There are two different types of services. A basic mail forwarding includes only a small charge of a few dollars online. There is an enhanced option that costs more but may not be necessary unless you are looking for more than standard forwarding. You will still be required to send everyone your new address. Forwarding by the USPS remains active for a limited period.

MA Home Seller Pre-closing Tasks

The MA home seller pre-closing tasks in this article contains just some of the major items to include. For additional to-dos related to selling a house, refer to your real estate broker. He or she will help keep you on track.